Revenant's Revolt [E​.​P​.​]


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Exclusive Release from by Columbia, PA's REVENANTS-REVOLT

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released January 10, 2013

All Songs written and performed by REVENANTS-REVOLT.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2013 REVENANTS-REVOLT /

Released with permission



all rights reserved
Track Name: Go Mad
Go Mad

"It's all her fault. She's had a hard time trying to deal with the loss. She don't like no whores. You're not even safe behind locked doors. She's got a key, you see, to what's inside. Down the road to madness. Come along for the ride. There's nothing wrong with me... A motel for murder. And there's always vacancy. She's watching from her window. She waits impatiently. But, yet, she's harmless. Won't even hurt a fly. She's looking through my eyes. And she's ready for you to die. There's nothing wrong with me, no... We all Go Mad some of the time. All of the time..."
--Diablo Scott of Revenants Revolt.
Track Name: Marceline

"Tormented. Hellbent on discontent. More dead than any other girl I've met. Forbidden. So, we can keep it a secret. Once bitten. Return to the Nightosphere. So tortured. So scorned and torn between. Unfortunate. She was born to be that queen. So morbid. Death to all that she holds dear. I'm lured in. Return to the Nightosphere. She's got serpents in her eyes. Her humanity is a disguise. Oh, Marceline, be my Vampire Queen." -Diablo Scott of REVENANTS REVOLT
Track Name: Nazi Zombies Attack
'Nazi Zombies'

"The Devil, himself, was afraid of them. Thought not to exist. Just a myth or legend. In the frigid cold of a distant land. They march the earth. Mission: Destroy the living. They attack! Nazi Zombies attack!! Enough guts and training, it'll be raining brains. THEY ATTACK! NAZI ZOMBIES ATTACK!! Fighting for one cause- Human Holocaust..." -Diablo Scott
Track Name: Raven Eyes

"My end is near. Fear hails from where Hatred lies. A beautiful demise. She's got ravenous Raven Eyes. One thing is clear, my dear. There's no more tears to cry. A beautiful demise. She's got ravenous Raven Eyes. Please, Love me to death..." -Diablo Scott of REVENANTS REVOLT from the song 'Raven Eyes'.
Track Name: Revolt!
"Revolution. Revenants Revolt. It's Our time to fight. We will rise, claw and bite. People die, running scared. And we don't care. No, we don't care. No love lost for you...Or your blood-loss. It's a Revolution. Revenants Revolt." -Diablo Scott of Revenants Revolt from the song 'Revolt!'